All The Terms We Are

Rania Moslam, Jazzfestival Saalfelden 2015

All The Terms We Are
Maja Osojnik – vocals, live sampling, dj-cd player and other lo-fi electronics, paetzold bass
Audrey Chen – vocals, cello
Raumschiff Engelmayr – guitar
Matija Schellander – double bass, modular synthesiser
Manu Mayr – double bass, e-bass
Lukas König – drums


The electro-acoustic album “Let them grow” by Maja Osojnik served as an outgoing source, idea, to recompose and arrange songs for a larger music unit and led to the formation ALL.THE.TERMS.WE.ARE, with which Maja celebrated a Premiere at the Opening of the Saalfelden Jazz Festival in 2015. In May 2016 the new line up of A.T.T.W.A was established and celebrated its first tour, that led the band to Jazz Festival Cerkno (Slovenia), Alte Gerberei (Muku Artacts Festival) in St.johann (Austria), Taktlos Festival (Zürich, Switzerland) and Porgy&Bess (Vienna, Austria). The musical Chemistry and an amazing Communication and Fun they had on the stage and on the road, made all the Band Members hungry to perform more often together and we are looking forward to playing in new Festivals, for the new audience.

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