The Drill

video by dieb13

The Drill
for double bass and white noise 2011/14

download the score here
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21.11.2015 ftarri festival, super deluxe TOKYO. modified version with stephen cornford (dictaphones) and makoto oshiro (self-made instruments)
12.09.2015 shinafest IDRIJA
24.05.2015 austrian pavillon expo MILANO Continue reading “The Drill”

ich wär so gern ein hummel, dachte die biene. dann lernte sie mit nur einem flügel zu fliegen und war zufrieden

I´d like to be a bumble bee, said the bee. then it learned to fly with only one wing and was satisfied
for two bows, 2011

download the score here
if you have comments, questions or plan a performance, please get in touch

sat 12.09.2015 shinafest IDRIJA
sun 24.05.2015 austrian pavillon EXPO MILANO
fri 22.05.2015 austrian pavillon EXPO MILANO
11.05.2015 porgy & bess WIEN
sat 15.11.2014 neposluŠno festival, španski borci LJUBLJANA
sat 16.08.2014 hotel pupik SCHRATTENBERG
fri 07.02.2014 austriackie forum kultury WARSZAWA
wed 05.02.2014 ackerstadtpalast BERLIN
mon 27.01.2014 zamek POZNAN
tue 03.12.2013 alte schmiede WIEN
wed 15.05.2013 medienkulturhaus WELS
fri 13.04.2012 the lift MILANO
tue 10.04.2012 nerosubianco CESENA
wed 05.12.2011 Klangmanifeste echoraum WIEN



sum šum


Matija Schellander: sum šum
type : CD
package : digipak
price : 15,000 won

order CD from korea: 15,000won
order CD from other places 12€ + shipping

track list :
01. dangerfield
02. boiling point -232.78
03. this is not the clinic
04. illusion alert
05. coltan
06. sum šum
07. cutting is healing

all compositions 2009-11 by matija schellander
mastering: kassian troyer
cover design: ryu hankil

supported by SKE