METALYCÈE expat blues


METALYCÈE expat blues

NT 034 | LP
METALYCÈE expat blues

release date: april 22nd 2014

MOSZ mosz025 (digital)

Radically different thinking
Massive synthesizer sounds, unconditionally charging forward alongside untethered grooves and striking bass lines with vocals that blend spoken word with acerbic lyrics that ponder the perils of existence and the fragility of the biographies. Such is life and such is the effect of Metalycée’s newest effort, Expat Blues. „We loosely based the music on hip hop aesthetics“ proclaims the band itself. „Gospel was also on our minds at the time.“
This makes for an adventurous compound to say the least; an organisation of tones that refuses to adhere to the idea of a combo and the concept that the repetition of said tones has lead to the tiring out of once distinct ideas that have now found their sweet spot in the group’s equitable sound.

„The topography of Metalycée’s music is not decipherable Continue reading “METALYCÈE expat blues”

It Is Not


Ashes to ashes, dust to dust… Sound. Experiment. Avant-garde. Ashes. Dust. Metal. From a disc of fully digitally processed drum and guitar samples developed in 2003 by Viennese sound artists Armin Steiner and Nik Hummer (who as part of Thilges3 operated on the cutting edge of art, noise and politics ) emerged the project Metalycée. A telling name, which tells of Continue reading “It Is Not”