Metalycée: s/t


INT 016 | 12″

released January 10, 2008

this 12″ EP is the debut release of METALYCEE since they stocked up and now count 5 heads in total. to deliver an unusual approach to metal by means of electronics meets hell-of-a rythm section plus spoken-word like vocals that may positively give you the heebie-jeebies is more than you might dare to ask for – METALYCEE got ’em all.

“phenomenal … eerie …

intimidating … a solid chunk of industrial, sound art and metal, both fascinating and dumbfounding, even after repeated listening … an embodiment one would not have the guts to pass by … long player to follow … please do not wait too long” (SKUG)

/a1 mad tom song [mp3]
/a2 mirek
/b1 ghostpriest

bernhard breuer (dr)
nik hummer (trautonium, synth)
melita jurisic (voc)
matija schellander (bass)
armin steiner (synth)

recorded by: metalycée
mixed and mastered by: martin siewert & metalycee at motone soundservice
artwork by: metalycée