Markus Krispel / Matija Schellander / Szilveszter Miklós – Put

 Markus Krispel / Matija Schellander / Szilveszter Miklós – Put

1. Put (40:59)

· Markus Krispel: alto and baritone saxophone
· Matija Schellander: double bass
· Szilveszter Miklós: drums

All music by Markus Krispel, Matija Schellander and Szilveszter Miklós
Recorded live at Vodnikova Domačija Šiška, Ljubljana on 5 May 2017
Engineered and recorded by Iztok Zupan
Mixed and mastered by Hannes Mottl and Markus Krispel
Photos by Iztok Zupan
Collage and packaging design by Igor Ripak
Executive producer: Nataša Serec
Associate producer: László Juhász

Trios are a regular feature of the world of free improvisation but there continues to be room for surprising and unpredictable concerts. Austrian reed player Markus Krispel, Austrian – with Slovenian roots – double bassist Matija Schellander, and Hungarian drummer Szilveszter Miklós come from very different backgrounds in both education and practice. They all draw their primary inspirations from their personal achievements of new contemporary music and free jazz, resulting in music that is inconceivably inventive.

Krispel, the wild autodidact with various reeds, the deliberate conceptualist Schellander, and Miklós with his devotion towards the traditions of free jazz have created a reciprocal compassion where their personal sonic universes rewardingly coexist. Their sharing of musical ideas, extensive dialogues and durable recycling of choices and discoveries make their music a bulk of positive emotions and attitudes sparked by their inventive imagination and deep wish for sharing time and space together for creating music.

This trio took part in three Borderless Dissonance events – an annual cross-regional collaborative project initiated by Slovenian cultural and artistic association KUD Mreža which asks Austrian, Slovenian and Hungarian improvisers to work together for the first time by giving three exploratory concerts in the capitals of the three neighbouring countries: Budapest, Ljubljana and Vienna. In addition to those concerts, these highly motivated musicians arranged eight more public performances in Serbia, Croatia and the Czech Republic. Instantly, their trio became a “working group” with clear visions and conscious realizations of their ideas. The music that you will hear on this release is the trio’s complete Ljubljana performance, held at Vodnikova Domačija Šiška – exactly as it happened. Compellingly put.

László Juhász
February 2018

Released: March 2018 / edition of 300 copies
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