Foreign Correspondents


Ryu Hankil, Noid, Matija Schellander and others
Foreign Correspondents

Edition of 300

In 2013, Noid and Matija Schellander travelled from Vienna to East Asia to meet up with Ryu Hankil and other musicians from Japan, Hong Kong, China, South Korea and Europe. Carrying compositions, sound art pieces and workshop preparations in their luggage to be tested by changing social and artistic settings, by everyday tour life and to be used as starting points for debates in various forms.
The first CD – Tokyo Office – is a trio of Noid, Schellander and their main collaborator on this tour: Ryu Hankil from Seoul. It was recorded in the Ftarri shop in Tokyo, an intimate setting, a perfect concert situation for close, concentrated listening. The result is a 44 minute set of unmusical musicality with sounds of typewriter, drums, double bass, cello, jing-hu and victorian synthesizer.
The second CD – “Field Report” – is the travelogue of one month of concerts, field recordings, workshops, dinners, getting lost, missing planes, stretched and contracted gut strings in the temperature and humidity extremes from Okinawa to Beijing, collaborating with locals and other traveling musicians, exposing sometimes strict concepts to confusing listening situations from Seoul rooftops to Osaka market stands to Hong Kong industrial buildings.
Snippets and cuts composed in chronological order to an immersive flow of changing spaces and societies, on the turning point between being in and out.

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Esox Lucius

Isabelle Duthoit, Franz Hautzinger,
Matija Schellander, Petr Vrba


Isabelle Duthoit (FR) clarinet, voice
Franz Hautzinger (AT) quartertone trumpet
Matija Schellander (AT) modular synthesizer
Petr Vrba (CZ) trumpet, vibrating speakers

core009 | LP | 34:18 min | 300 hand numbered copies + digital download

The Tracks of the album ESOX LUCIUS were recorded on high end analogue technique at the Czech Radio Broadcasting Studio in Prague. Four exceptional instrumentalists are creating bubbling and zizzling chamber music, they are blurring the edges of their instruments, but contemporarily dialoguing with a precise and unique vocabulary. The record is based on minimal drones, refined with analogue trumpet glitches and extended vocal techniques. Brass is bubbling, feedbacks are shrieking, it sounds as if a red glowing wire is cutting into a block of ice. Under predatory hissings evaporates a tinny morse alphabet. What remains are sublime minmal highlights, set with pinpoint accuracy.

“A dark underwater-like atmosphere… it’s shimmering, swooshing, rattling in finest manufacture”
freistil (AT)

“…Electroacoustic improvisation with a chamber music perspective.” (PT)

“…This quartet sounds as if they have always played together, … and again it proves to me that rather than scenes should be monitored individuals or individual works.”
his voice (CZ)
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Freie Aerophone



aural tool #2: freie aerophone
Matija Schellander / Attila Faravelli “Freie Aerophone”

Freie Aerophone is based on Matija Schellander’s solo pieces for double bass, “the drill” and “matija schellander”, that make extensive use of indistinct low pitches resonating a space, and sound projections by circular movement of the performer with the instrument. Continue reading “Freie Aerophone”

METALYCÈE expat blues


METALYCÈE expat blues

NT 034 | LP
METALYCÈE expat blues

release date: april 22nd 2014

MOSZ mosz025 (digital)

Radically different thinking
Massive synthesizer sounds, unconditionally charging forward alongside untethered grooves and striking bass lines with vocals that blend spoken word with acerbic lyrics that ponder the perils of existence and the fragility of the biographies. Such is life and such is the effect of Metalycée’s newest effort, Expat Blues. „We loosely based the music on hip hop aesthetics“ proclaims the band itself. „Gospel was also on our minds at the time.“
This makes for an adventurous compound to say the least; an organisation of tones that refuses to adhere to the idea of a combo and the concept that the repetition of said tones has lead to the tiring out of once distinct ideas that have now found their sweet spot in the group’s equitable sound.

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Wir Werden

Layout 1

Wir werden (We will) (godrec11) is the second release of the viennese duo Rdeča Raketa (Maja Osojnik & Matija Schellander). Following Old Girl, Old Boy, a 40-minute electroacoustic improvisation recorded live in one piece and released as a tape by Mosz Records in 2010, Wir werden consists of two carefully composed pieces each spanning one side of the vinyl album, organically blending various electronic sound sources and field recordings with acoustic instruments like paetzold recorder, double bass and piano.
Opened and closed by spoken word lyrics, Wir werden deals with the past repeating, movements and their absence in front of systems appearing to be crumbling, relationships between people and their inner fears.

Aporie und Zuversicht (Burkhard Stangl) Confidence and doubt (english translation)


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sum šum


Matija Schellander: sum šum
type : CD
package : digipak
price : 15,000 won

order CD from korea: 15,000won
order CD from other places 12€ + shipping

track list :
01. dangerfield
02. boiling point -232.78
03. this is not the clinic
04. illusion alert
05. coltan
06. sum šum
07. cutting is healing

all compositions 2009-11 by matija schellander
mastering: kassian troyer
cover design: ryu hankil

supported by SKE

Old Girl, Old Boy


  Rdeča Raketa – “Old Girl, Old Boy” [mosz023]

Anyone who was ever in the lucky position to witness the adventurous sound expeditions of Liverpool’s turntable artist Philip Jeck will have a good idea of where the trip with duo Maja Osojnik & Matija Schellander is going: into the seemingly limitless. Into a space, in any case, where the boundaries between improvisation and electronics, New Music and noise, free rock and visual art have been suspended. Only through this suspension – and not a moment earlier – something better arises. Something as good and audacious as RDEČA RAKETA. Continue reading “Old Girl, Old Boy”

It Is Not


Ashes to ashes, dust to dust… Sound. Experiment. Avant-garde. Ashes. Dust. Metal. From a disc of fully digitally processed drum and guitar samples developed in 2003 by Viennese sound artists Armin Steiner and Nik Hummer (who as part of Thilges3 operated on the cutting edge of art, noise and politics ) emerged the project Metalycée. A telling name, which tells of Continue reading “It Is Not”



INT 016 | 12″

released January 10, 2008

this 12″ EP is the debut release of METALYCEE since they stocked up and now count 5 heads in total. to deliver an unusual approach to metal by means of electronics meets hell-of-a rythm section plus spoken-word like vocals that may positively give you the heebie-jeebies is more than you might dare to ask for – METALYCEE got ’em all.

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