Hausbruch. Eine Pandemie.
Eine theatrale Installation fuer ein Haus
Regie Ivna Zic
Text/Dramaturgie Natascha Gangl

Spiel: Franziska Dick, Vivianne Moesli, Seniorenorchester Zuerich Buehnenbild Martina Mahlknecht
Kostuembild/Masken: Sophie Reble
Musik/Klangregie: Matija Schellander
Produktionsleitung: Lukas Piccolin
In Koproduktion mit Theater Winkelwiese, ROXY Birsfelden
Gefoerdert durch Stadt Zuerich Kultur, Fachstelle Kultur Kanton Zuerich (Stand Mai 2016)

Theatrale Installation Premiere: 28.09.16
im F23 - Zentrum fuer soziale, kommunikative und kulturelle Impulse
makemake produktionen praesentiert:
Sarah Bahmou, Jan Deck, Albert Farkas, Ivan Fauri, Natascha Gangl, Julia Haas, Felix Huber, Birgit Kellner, Brigitte Moscon, Nanna Neudeck, Peter Pertusini, Michele Rohrbach, RDECA RAKETA (Maja Osojnik, Matija Schellander), Martina Roesler, Christian Schlechter, Daniela-Katrin Strobl



esox lucius

  freie aerophone  



wir werden


double bass
modular synthesizer


Matija Schellander: sum šum
type : CD
package : digipak
price : 15,000 won

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track list :
01. dangerfield
02. boiling point -232.78
03. this is not the clinic
04. illusion alert
05. coltan
06. sum šum
07. cutting is healing

all compositions 2009-11 by matija schellander
mastering: kassian troyer
cover: ryu hankil

jump rope / data mining / dystopia / science fiction / electroacoustic / stalker / rust / ping-pong / air-raid shelter / industry / toxic wastelands / totalitarianism / fear / hidden reverse / bradbury / orwell / phillip k. dick / oil spill / il conformista / tarkovsky / nuclear disaster / humour that can´t take a joke / surveillance / il deserto rosso / cell phone / gps / strugatzky / human condition ing / soundtrack / electronic / acoustic / airplanes / street noise / double bass / rain / video games / modular synthesizer / 8m2 / e-bass / contact mic / glass ball / conifers


Artist: Rdeča Raketa
Title: Wir Werden
Format: Vinyl (includes download code)
Release Date: January 2013
Label: God Records
Catalog #: god11

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A: Wir werden (19:10)
B: andere Menschen (21:03)

Music by Rdeča Raketa
Lyrics by Maja Osojnik

Rdeča Raketa:
Maja Osojnik
Matija Schellander
Modular Synthesizer, Double Bass, E-Bass, Paetzold Recorder,
Electronic Devices, Field Recordings, Piano, Voice

Speaker on A:
Anat Stainberg
Speakers on B:
Lisa Kortschak
Max Gaier

Recorded and mixed by Rdeča Raketa
Mastered by Rashad Becker for D&M
Design by 3007wien
"untitled" collage by Dominique Vaccaro




      The Drill
for double bass & white noise

Matija Schellander - double bass, white noise

performance at Viennese Soulfood Festival at Brut Wien, may 15th 2013
animation by dieb13

Ryu Hankil, Noid, Matija Schellander and others
Foreign Correspondents

Edition of 300

CD 1
Ryu Hankil, Noid, Matija Schellander
Tokyo Office
1. Ftarri | Tokyo | Oct. 14th 2013

CD 2
Ryu Hankil, Noid, Matija Schellander and others
Field Report
1. Tokyo subway closing door signature sound / 100¥ donation @ Sensō-ji shrine | Asakusa | Tokyo
2. Guggenheim House | Kobe | Oct. 11th 2013 | Ali Morimoto, Hankil Ryu, Klaus Filip, Matija Schellander, Nikos Veliotis, noid, Radu Malfatti
3. pachinko hall near Chidoribashi station | Osaka
4. Common Cafe | Osaka | Oct. 13th 2013 | Matija Schellander, noid
5. Port | Osaka | Oct. 12th 2013 | Hankil Ryu, Matija Schellander, noid
6. visitors platform on the 45th floor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Tower
7. Groove | Urasoe | Okinawa | Oct. 16th 2013 | Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Matija Schellander, noid
8. acoustic traffic light | Naha | Okinawa
9. Groove | Urasoe | Okinawa | Oct. 16th 2013 | noid, Syo Yoshihama
10. bird at a peacecamp in front of the american army military zone near Takae village | Okinawa
11. Morso | Naha | Oct. 19th 2013 | noid, Matija Schellander, Takeshi Ishihara
12. Dotolimpic festival @ Mullae Art Center | Seoul | Oct. 26th 2013 | Into The City | participants of the workshop our inner public space by Noid & Matija Schellander at Mullae Art Center playing air horns while walking away from Mullae Art Center
13. Dotolimpic festival @ Mullae Art Center | Seoul | Oct. 27th 2013 | Luciano Maggiore, Matija Schellander, Sangtae Jin
14. Dotolimpic festival @ Mullae Art Center | Seoul | Oct. 27th 2013 | victorian synthesizer orchestra | participants of the Workshop our inner public space by Matija Schellander & noid @ Mullae Art Center
15. wheeled suitcases on a paved street | Seoul / walking from Mullae Art Center to Yeongdeungpo metro station | Seoul
16. CIA | Hong Kong | Oct. 29th 2013 | without me everything would be even worse | Matija Schellander
17. CIA | Hong Kong | Oct. 29th 2013 | annoy the void | noid
18. machine drones in the staircase of the CIA Building | Hong Kong
19. CIA | Hong Kong | Oct. 29th 2013 | tiny tones | Matija Schellander, noid
20. fuel tank filled with Sound Art | Shanghai
21. Rockbund Art Museum | Shanghai | Nov. 2nd 2013 | freedom is the recognition of necessity | blank | silent dance | compacting by impact, all accompanied by huddle | noid, mp3-players of the audience playing random music through headphones
22. jing-hu players @ Ditan Park | Beijing
23. Zaija | Peking | Nov. 3rd 2013 | Lionel Marchetti, Matija Schellander, Quing Li, Weisi Li

Recorded by Noid
Mixed by Matija Schellander & Noid
Images by Arnold Haberl
Designer and executive producer: Kurt Liedwart

In 2013, Noid and Matija Schellander travelled from Vienna to East Asia to meet up with Ryu Hankil and other musicians from Japan, Hong Kong, China, South Korea and Europe. Carrying compositions, sound art pieces and workshop preparations in their luggage to be tested by changing social and artistic settings, by everyday tour life and to be used as starting points for debates in various forms.
The first CD - “Tokyo Office” - is a trio of Noid, Schellander and their main collaborator on this tour: Ryu Hankil from Seoul. It was recorded in the Ftarri shop in Tokyo, an intimate setting, a perfect concert situation for close, concentrated listening. The result is a 44 minute set of unmusical musicality with sounds of typewriter, drums, double bass, cello, jing-hu and victorian synthesizer.
The second CD - "Field Report" - is the travelogue of one month of concerts, field recordings, workshops, dinners, getting lost, missing planes, stretched and contracted gut strings in the temperature and humidity extremes from Okinawa to Beijing, collaborating with locals and other traveling musicians, exposing sometimes strict concepts to confusing listening situations from Seoul rooftops to Osaka market stands to Hong Kong industrial buildings.
Snippets and cuts composed in chronological order to an immersive flow of changing spaces and societies, on the turning point between being in and out.


Isabelle Duthoit, Franz Hautzinger,
Matija Schellander, Petr Vrba


Isabelle Duthoit (FR) clarinet, voice
Franz Hautzinger (AT) quartertone trumpet
Matija Schellander (AT) modular synthesizer
Petr Vrba (CZ) trumpet, vibrating speakers

core009 | LP | 34:18 min | 300 hand numbered copies + digital download

Composed, Performed & Produced by I. Duthoit, F. Hautzinger, M. Schellander, P. Vrba
Recorded 2012 at Czech Radio, Studio A, Prague
Mixed by M. Schellander & F. Hautzinger
Mastered by M. Siewert at Garnison 7, Vienna 2013
Sleeve artwork by Wendelin Büchler
Kindly supported by SKE austro mechana
Thanks to Austrian Cultural Forum Prague and Michal Rataj,
Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

"A dark underwater-like atmosphere... it's shimmering, swooshing, rattling in finest manufacture"
freistil (AT)

"...Electroacoustic improvisation with a chamber music perspective." (PT)

"...This quartet sounds as if they have always played together, ... and again it proves to me that rather than scenes should be monitored individuals or individual works."
his voice (CZ)


Aural Tools #2 - Freie Aerophone
laser cut on high density cardboard.

Aural Tools #2 is based on Matija Schellanders solo pieces for double bass,
"the drill" and "matija schellander", that make extensive use of indistinct
low pitches resonating a space, and sound projections by circular movement
of the performer with the instrument.

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