freie aerophone  



wir werden


double bass
modular synthesizer


The Drill
for double bass & white noise

Matija Schellander - double bass, white noise

performance at Viennese Soulfood Festival at Brut Wien, may 15th 2013
animation by dieb13


Aural Tools #2 - Freie Aerophone
laser cut on high density cardboard.

Aural Tools #2 is based on Matija Schellanders solo pieces for double bass,
"the drill" and "matija schellander", that make extensive use of indistinct
low pitches resonating a space, and sound projections by circular movement
of the performer with the instrument.

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Matija Schellander: sum šum
type : CD
package : digipak
price : 15,000 won

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track list :
01. dangerfield
02. boiling point -232.78
03. this is not the clinic
04. illusion alert
05. coltan
06. sum šum
07. cutting is healing

all compositions 2009-11 by matija schellander
mastering: kassian troyer
cover: ryu hankil

jump rope / data mining / dystopia / science fiction / electroacoustic / stalker / rust / ping-pong / air-raid shelter / industry / toxic wastelands / totalitarianism / fear / hidden reverse / bradbury / orwell / phillip k. dick / oil spill / il conformista / tarkovsky / nuclear disaster / humour that can´t take a joke / surveillance / il deserto rosso / cell phone / gps / strugatzky / human condition ing / soundtrack / electronic / acoustic / airplanes / street noise / double bass / rain / video games / modular synthesizer / 8m2 / e-bass / contact mic / glass ball / conifers


Artist: Rdeča Raketa
Title: Wir Werden
Format: Vinyl (includes download code)
Release Date: January 2013
Label: God Records
Catalog #: god11

order vinyl: 20€ + shipping

A: Wir werden (19:10)
B: andere Menschen (21:03)

Music by Rdeča Raketa
Lyrics by Maja Osojnik

Rdeča Raketa:
Maja Osojnik
Matija Schellander
Modular Synthesizer, Double Bass, E-Bass, Paetzold Recorder,
Electronic Devices, Field Recordings, Piano, Voice

Speaker on A:
Anat Stainberg
Speakers on B:
Lisa Kortschak
Max Gaier

Recorded and mixed by Rdeča Raketa
Mastered by Rashad Becker for D&M
Design by 3007wien
"untitled" collage by Dominique Vaccaro